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About the TEF
     The Tuscarora Educational Foundation was founded in 1995. Its mission was to provide enhanced educational opportunities to students of the Tuscarora School District through the funding of grants supported by individual teachers. TEF is independent of the Tuscarora School District and is funded by contributions from individuals and businesses who share the same interest as ours. TEF is a registered, non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) status.

     The TEF board of community leaders, teachers, and administrators award grants each year to every school in the Tuscarora School District. We have awarded a total of 192 grants to deserving and beneficial programs for a total of $92,032.61. Additionally, we were able to award in excess of $8,400.00 in scholarships to graduating seniors. This could not have been accomplished without the dedicated efforts of the TEF board, the staff of the Tuscarora School District, and the community.
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